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 Ralliart emblem (original)

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PostSubject: Ralliart emblem (original)   Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:25 pm

My brother Sean (jan999 nick) got these front grill emblems for me. These original Ralliart front grill emblems are actually not suitable for our regular lancer because the regular Lancer grill design is different from the original Ralliart car grill design. But I managed to DIY the emblem to stick it for both the front grill as well as on the rear trunk.

This emblem is designed in a way whereby you need to screw it on to the front emblem using a backplate (behind the front grill). Due to the precise design that is supposed to fit only original Ralliart Lancer front grills, I had to saw off parts of the back of the emblem to fit a regular Lancer's front grill. For the rear trunk, I had to completely saw off the parts that stick out from the back of the emblem.

Here's how it looks :

My great big thanks to my brother Sean for giving me one of the emblems free... I think it was a birthday gift from him My Blader ler...
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Ralliart emblem (original)
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