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 Facebook Mafia Wars

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PostSubject: Facebook Mafia Wars   Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:36 pm

Can discuss here lo.

I am now aiming to level up faster than Hotman, kekeke... Smile

Hot, I get a lotta bounties/HL on me la... prolly coz I keep icing folks like you lo... do you get bounties set on you frequently ah?

Just now... there was this one fella that attacked me and lost... so I whack the fella la, some more what... wah... I think I kept getting the "Attack Again" button like > 10 times la.... I think the fella saw my attacks and kept on reloading his heath. So I kept whacking until I iced him again. A few minutes later, he put a bounty on me, hahahaha Smile
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Facebook Mafia Wars
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