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 Latest modification for Lancer GT

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Vehicle Type : Lancer GT (2010)
Registration date : 2013-04-02

PostSubject: Latest modification for Lancer GT   Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:12 pm

Hi guys...Im new here. Sorry to start this Post, maybe its already exist in here. I've read most of the forums and it got me really blur. Let me start by telling u guys im a bit dumb about mods and really dunno where to start. Tot of buying EVO X this year to replace my Lancer GT (2010) but then something just came up and I dont have that kinda money...hmmm...sad.

Let me describe a bit of my Lancer GT (2010) now. Amount of mods ive done to only things I changed is my tyres and rims. I'm using Toyo C15 235/40 and Konig Miligram 18' rims. Thats all....So my questions are (which may sound stupid to all taikos in here)...or rather asking for help actually.

I want to mods my Lancer GT. How and where to start?
I'm thinking about 2 phases here...First phase to mods the performance...engine etc (which the phase that im really2 stupid) and remap. Second phase is to mods the look...bodykits, suspension etc (which ofcos will compliment the first phase like exhaust and coilover etc).

I heard this is the best forum to gain knowledge abt Lancer GT and to get good help. So guys please help me....pleaseeeeeee

Thanks a lot in advance


Starlight79 (i.e. Shah)...sorry about the nickname..dunno whatelse to put
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Latest modification for Lancer GT
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