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 Chassis Upgrade : Auto Foam

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PostSubject: Chassis Upgrade : Auto Foam   Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:19 pm

A chassis that is stiff will perform better than one that flexes easily due to road undulations, engine torque or hard cornering forces.

Auto Foam is a very light material that comes in the form of a pre-mixed foam that will harden or cure over time. When injected in strategic places in your car's chassis mainly around the door sills, what you would experience is better driving performance. This is because as the foam expands and hardens, it would stiffen the part of the chassis without welding a piece of metal onto it. Additionally, it acts as a sound absorbent, eliminating road noise amplified by the hollow areas of the vehicle chassis. The site :

AutoFoam NVH Technical Data :
Auto Foam Chassis Stiffening Foam Base Polyurethane-prepolymer / Catalytic Curing
Density approx. 23 kg/cbm
Cellularity closed cell, semi rigid structural foam
Full Cure 72 hours
Working Temperature From +10 Celsius
Tensile Strength 18 N/ccm
Elongation at Tear 30%
Shear Strength 8 N/
Compression Strain at 10% Compression 5N/
Water Absorption 0/1% by vol
Thermal Conductivity 0.04 W/mk
Withstands Temperature From -40 Celsius to +90 Celsius. Short time -40 Celsius to +110 Celsius
Non-ageing Yes
UV-resistant No
Fire Retardancy ANS Z124.1 - 19

AutoFoam RACE technical Data
Tensile Strength (DIN 53455) 40 N/cm2
Elongation under tension (DIN 53455) 20 %
Compression strength at 10% (DIN 53421) 15 N/cm2
Chemical Resistance Resistant to water, salt water & lubricating oils
Flammability (DIN 4102, part 1) B2

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Chassis Upgrade : Auto Foam
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