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 [After12] The Best Thermal Coating

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PostSubject: [After12] The Best Thermal Coating   Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:08 pm

Welcome to AfterTwelve E-Garage!!!
We do shipping internationally / COD / Credit card accepted.
We provide installation and painting as well.
Some item's price quoted below including installation or painting.Please take note.
Any parts that you are interested but not listed here, please contact us.

For order/enquiry, please contact JACK 012.312.7113.

Introducing Hexagonal Boron Nitrate Coating!!!
Its another way for cooling down!!!

Boron nitrides represent a class of materials with promising properties.
They are thermally stable, chemically inert and insulating.
Hexagonal boron nitride is stable in temperatures up to 1000 C in air, 1400 C in vacuum, and 2800 C in an inert atmosphere.
It has one of the best thermal conductivities of all electric insulators.
It is fairly chemically inert and is not wetted by many melted materials
(e.g. aluminium, copper, zinc, iron and steels, germanium, silicon, boron, cryolite, glass and halide salts)

Apply as a coating on engine parts to prevent from the heat/hot air, or cooling down the temperature.
Why chose this coating among THERMAL SPRAY?
1. Economical
-bottle of Thermal spray is about RM200, and it can only apply for 1 part either intercooler or raidator.
2. Fully coating
-We will dismantle the part, clean it to make sure no oil/petrol/dust left over.
-Then only we will start the coating and make sure whole part is fully coated.

Coating Service
Two layers coating on:
1. Radiator (Both side)
2. Condensor
3. Oil cooler

You may request to coat anywhere you want.
Eg: oil pan, gearbox, engine block...

Lancer GT that HAD DONE the coating
(This is thermal coating.Pls dun justify by the WHITE COLOR after coating)
We have the recipe on the mixture of the coating.Doesnt mean that the more layers u coat, the more heat rejected.
We must do in a balance way.
Immediate respond after coating!!!

Oil Cooler
Before: After:

Before: After:

Before: After:

Here is a pic of another cust that did the coating!!!
-Very good feedback commented!!!

Oil Cooler:

Radiator and condensor:

Special request,Rear Diff:
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[After12] The Best Thermal Coating
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